Digital Devoid | Superior Software-Based Format and Standards Conversion

Our unique video format and broadcast standards conversions are performed through proprietary software. To find out more, call Robert at 305-757-1330.

XR Convert XR Convert

Format & Standards Conversion

Our unique format and standards conversion is performed through proprietary software. Your footage is no longer restricted by deterministic flaws embedded in real-time "black boxes".

On a non real-time basis, XR Convert harnesses our proven nonlinear temporal and spatial interpolators that yield vastly superior results.

Supported Picture Formats:

Hi-Def 1080p 24/48SF/25/50SF/30
Hi-Def 1080i 60/50
Hi-Def 720p 30/25
Hi-Def 480p 30/25
NTSC / PAL. All Data File formats at any frame rate & resolution, including 2D & 3D DCPs

Digital Devoid XR Convert format formats standards standard conversion conversions software non real-time nonlinear temporal and spatial interpolators NTSC PAL Hi-Def 1080p 1080i 720p 480p Data File