Digital Devoid | Cinema Ad Transfers at 2K

Digital conversion and tape-to-film transfer of TV Ads through award winning motion interpolation software. Call Robert at 305-757-1330.

Frame Perfect Transfer Frame Perfect 2K 

Digital and Tape to Film Transfer; Frame by Frame Processing 

FP Transfer 2K provides a rich set of optimizing routines designed to resolve the most commonly encountered flaws. The result is an end product that meets the highest expectations for quality at moderate expense by advantage of Digital Devoid's unique breadth of experience in the field.

Fixes are applied at the frame level. Motion-adaptive deinterlacing conforms footage to progressive scan. Motion interpolation conforms variable frame rates back to their original captured frame rates. Spatial interpolation sharpness is selectable. Reverse Pan and Scan recomposes scenes. Split edits are realigned. Field-dominance shifts are resolved. Line dropouts removed. Brightness, contrast, gamma, saturation, and tonal balance are skillfully applied. The quality... as good as 2K resolution gets.

Need more? DP Transfer 4K delivers.

Compare DP Transfer 4K to FP Transfer 2K

Digital Devoid frame perfect FP Transfer 2K resolution digital tape film transfer transfers motion interpolation Motion-adaptive deinterlacing spatial sharpness Reverse Pan Scan recompose scene scenes split edits field-dominance line dropouts contrast saturation tonal balance