Digital Devoid | Digital Stills from TV Ads

Convert frames of TV Ads to photographs. Video grabs and cine scans output to digital stills. Call Robert at 305-757-1330.

Digital Stills Digital Stills

Frames of TV Ads as Digital Stills 

Digital camera blowups, cine scans, video grabs as photographs. Any still medium requiring higher than screen resolution is within reach.

Digital Devoid's proprietary software is skillfully applied to create additional pixels increasing the resolution of the image. Photo-quality becomes reality when we translate 72 DPI screen resolution to 300 DPI print resolution at any size.

Supported Picture Formats:

Hi-Def 1080p 24/48SF/25/50SF/30
Hi-Def 1080i 60/50
Hi-Def 720p 30/25
Hi-Def 480p 30/25
NTSC / PAL. All Data File formats, including 2D & 3D DCPs

Digital Devoid stills frames TV Ads Digital camera blowups video grab grabs cine scan scans photographs pixels image photo-quality 72 dpi to300 dpi print resolution NTSC PAL Hi-Def 1080p 1080i 720p 480p