Digital Devoid | Cinema Ads Transfers at True 4K

Pristine software conversions of TV ads for movie theaters through deep sub-pixel processing at 4K resolution. Call Robert at 305-757-1330.

Digital Perfect Pixel Perfect 4K

Digital and Tape to Film Transfers; Deep Sub-Pixel Processing at True 4K Resolution

Searching for a natural fit and perfect result? DP Transfer 4K delivers. Every single pixel garners our undiluted attention. And at 4K resolution, it provides twice the resolution of industry standards.

Scene by scene or frame for frame treatments are now applied at the sub-pixel level, exceeding the resolution of the finest grain negatives. Intentions are refreshingly met. DP Transfer 4K addresses: noise and grain; compression artifacts; tonality blockiness; anti-aliasing; sharpness; cross-color; cross-luminance; intelligent gamut limiting in YUV to RGB color space conversions; dirt, scratch, and stain removal. Depth resolution is extended to provide for a wider dynamic range. Film resolution title work and CinemaScope transfers fall within the realm of DP Transfer 4K.

Furthermore, custom designed software routines are readily applied.

Compare DP Transfer 4K to FP Transfer 2K

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