Digital Devoid | Digital Cinema Mastering & DCPs

Movie theater Ads remain flawless when the Digital Cinema Distribution Master (DCDM) and DCP is created through our DC Master 4K. Call Robert at 305-757-1330.

D-Cinema Master 4K D-Cinema Master

D-Cinema Distribution Masters (DCDMs) crafted and delivered as 2D or 3D Digital Cinema Packages (DCPs)

When the D-Cinema master is the critical final step, rest assured, Ads converted through DC Master 4Kremain true to their form when projected digitally. 

DC Master 4K adheres to the Digital Cinema Initiative (DCI) standard. SMPTE and MXF-Interop 2D and 3D DCPs at 4K resolutions are available to Christie, Dolby, Doremi, GDC, IMAX, Kodak, Qube, QuVis, Sony, and XDC D-Cinema servers.

Additionally, picture and sound content can be extracted from existing DCPs. Our versioning and localization solutions convert global Ad campaigns into regional theatrical releases.

Benefits of DCDMs & DCPs created through DC Master 4K


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