Digital Devoid | For Production and Post-Production

Transfers and conversions of TV Ads to film and to DCPs, D-Cinema for cinema Ads. Call Robert at 305-757-1330.

Production and Post Houses

We procure the highest quality imagery from all PAL, NTSC, and Hi-Def sources. Then, by working together, we further optimize your source materials to garner maximum impact on the big screen.

Our proprieatry DC Master 4K easily extracts picture and sound content from existing 2D and 3D DCPs. Footage can then be adapted for regional campaigns, with Ads delivered as pristine 2D or 3D DCPs. These Ads will be deployed through DCI compliant D-Cinema servers such as Christie, Dolby, Doremi, GDC, IMAX, Kodak, Qube, QuVis, Sony, and XDC.

Film-out to 16 mm, s16 mm, 35 mm, and 65/70 mm is supported from both 2D and 3D content. Unrivaled in picture quality are two film-out options: FP Transfer 2K and DP Transfer 4K. Our unique software also provides the highest quality standards conversion between PAL, NTSC, and Hi-Def formats (XR Convert).

You can even use frames from TV Ads for billboards and for publishing (DS).

Please call Robert at 305-757-1330, or e-mail

Digital Devoid extracts picture and sound content from existing 2D and 3D DCPs film-out 35mm 35 mm 65 mm 65mm 70mm 70 mm standards conversion Digital Cinema Packages DCI Christie Dolby Doremi GDC IMAX Kodak Qube QuVis Sony XDC d-cinema servers 2K 4K resolution software TV frames billboards publishing