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About Digital Devoid

Digital Devoid is a wholly owned subsidiary of TVWARE. TVWARE developed and licensed YUVision, PC to NTSC/PAL Link, PC to D-1 Link, D-1 to PC Link, and D-1 to Film Linkto post-production studios worldwide. D-1 to Film Linkis the first program of its kind to digitally transform video-resolution Ads, movie trailers, computer animations and special effects to motion picture film negative. The same software was used on the groundbreaking Terminator II and is licensed by NASA Langley Research Center.

Over the years, we've applied our unique knowledge and talent to developing proprietary code and leading edge technology. And in doing so, we have set new standards for repurposing any popular medium: tape, film, disc, internet...

While there are optimum ways to plan and prepare material for subsequent hi-res conversion, reality demands its due. Each program is as unique as is its message, and Digital Devoid translates that same uniqueness in moving and still images way beyond their own limitations.

Our proprietary software is the key that unlocks the true potential of any image. Whether you require theatrical projection of video footage with the quality of a cinematic feature, a print quality still for publication, or an enlargement the size of a house, you will get practical and predictable solutions from Digital Devoid.

We routinely work outside of the mainstream to achieve the highest quality, practical solution. Every project, usual and unusual, gets the benefit of our vast foundry of solutions along with the experienced eyes that brought us so far.

But we're not looking back. We're endlessly writing, implementing, honing. As the industry changes, as new media and methods supplant old, we’re right there, in the thick of it. Never satisfied with patches and just passable, we continue to build new dependable ways as we rewrite the rules.


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