Digital Devoid | Digital Cinema Distribution Masters DCDM DCPs Through DC Master 4K

Get better looking DCDMs and DCPs of your D-Cinema Ads through our proprietary software DC Master 4K. Deep sub-pixel processing at 4K resolution. Call 305-757-1330

DCDMs & DCPs through DC Master 4K

Overall Features


SMPTE and MXF-Interop 2D and 3D DCPs

JPEG 2000 Encoding

RGB to XYZ Color Space Conversion

KDM Generation for Encrypted DCPs

Creation of 5.1, 7.1, & Dolby Atmos surround mixes

Wide Dynamic Range

Aspect ratio Conversions: Letterbox & Pillarbox


Resolution (1K=1,024 Lines)


Scene-to-Scene Benefits


Spatial Interpolation with Sharpness Control

Frame Rate Conversions

Motion Interpolation with Blur Control

Motion-adaptive Deinterlacing

Resolves Field Dominance Shifts

Line Dropout Removal

Resolves Split Edits

Color Correction

Contrast, Brightness, and Gamma Correction

Reverse Pan and Scan Placement of Footage

Frame-to-Frame Benefits


Grain and Noise Management

Cross Color/Luminance Blemish Elimination

Compression Artifacts Compensation

Illegal Video Color Gamut Suppression

Dirt, Scratch, and Stain Removal

Film Resolution Titling

Emulates Any Film Emulsion

Supported Picture Formats:

Hi-Def 1080p 24/48SF/25/50SF/30
Hi-Def 1080i 60/50
Hi-Def 720p 30/25
Hi-Def 480p 30/25
NTSC / PAL. All Data File formats at any frame rate & resolution, including 2D & 3D DCPs

Supported Sound Formats:

Stereo fullmix, Lt&Rt
5.1, 7.1 Mix. Splits/Stems: Dialog, Music, & Effects (D-M-E)
Pro Tools sessions

Digital Devoid DCDM digital cinema distribution master DCP digital cinema package DC Master 4K SMPTE MXF-Interop DCP's DCP JPEG 2000 Encoding RGB XYZ Color Space Conversion KDM Generation Encrypted DCPs Stereo 5.1 7.1 Audio Wide Dynamic Range Aspect-ratio Conversions Letterbox Pillarbox CinemaScope 2K 4K Scene-to-Scene Motion Interpolation Motion-adaptive deinterlacing Resolves Split Edits Field Dominance Shifts Line Drop-Out Removal Spatial Sharpness Control Color Correction Contrast Brightness Gamma Vertical Pan Scan Placement Footage Frame-to-Frame Grain Noise Management Cross Color Luminance Blemish Elimination Compression Artifacts Compensation Illegal Video Gamut Suppression Dirt Scratch Stain Removal Film Resolution Title Supers Emulates Emulsion